Sunday, April 22, 2007

about the Corvallis Open Forum

The Corvallis Open Forum (COF) was started by a group of citizens who are concerned with the lack of civil discourse in American culture today. Real solutions to urgent problems go unheeded, sacrificed at the altar of partisanship and dirty politics and/or covert manipulation by the captains of industry. While recognizing the power of the internet to share information and ideas, we also desire an outlet/forum for such exchange to occur face to face with our neighbors and community members. We don't want to become like the pod people in the movie The Matrix.

The issue of whether or not there should be a specific topic was one that was discussed and debated extensively, though never set in stone. Currently, we do not specify a topic, encouraging participants to speak about the issue or topic that they are most engaged in at the time.

Essentially, we are resurrecting the ancient culture of the agora of ancient Greece. Situated near to and concurrent with the Farmers Market, we are creating a marketplace of ideas on a personal level. We need to cut through the b.s. and get to the truth of the matter, according to you.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

gosh, i tried to post something on your blog ; my right to speak MY mind on something you stand for that is incoorect and got blasted away, you dont realize how much YOU do double standards, bias , the same thing you preach about, so you demanded my phone # or address to address this which you were incorrect, but you would not allow me a chance to explain online. so...before i post elsewhere that will cause *problems* i suggest you list a P.O. Box or something where people can have a chance to be heard who are just as important as YOU are.

tkn said...


well, i have no idea who this person is. the situation described clearly had nothing to do with my blog or this blog. i have never asked anyone for their phone number and address. does anyone else know who this is? I don't think this comment is very conducive to promoting the forum, but i think we should leave it up here just to prove the point that we will not deny people's expression. this is troubling, though.

and commentor, i recognize your equal importance as my own. I don't know if that was sarcasm or not. we are both human beings on planet earth with opinions and our own perspective. please clarify whom you are addressing and specifically the situation you are talking about. what blog? what posting?

i guarantee you that if you come to the forum and sign up or otherwise indicate your desire to express yourself, you will be given four minutes (or more) in which to do so. however, you must remember that have the right to express yourself does not mean that everyone will agree with you. being on the recieving end of a counter argument may not necessarily mean being "blasted away". i'm no saint, but i'm trying not to cross the line of personal attack, in the interest of a greater understanding. make your argument. convince me. but please don't expect me to read your mind.

Anonymous said...


crallspace said...

Don't buy into this nonsense. If this person is serious, they are confused, but I doubt they are for real.

No comment-space operated by the forum in person or online has ever asked for a phone number or address. The rest of the posting just didn't make any sense... a list P.O. Box? What year is this, and who plans to pay for that?

Anonymous, we are here for people to share ideas, not to be accused of asking for a ph #, address or other outlandish claims or fantastical scenarios.

d said...

It's the same person who referred to me as a "posychotic female who belongs in the psych ward." I'll explain this person to you next time we meet.

IT's a stalker woman.

tkn said...

lets befriend her.

crallspace said...

Have at it, Tim.
Like I said, I will explain further when I see you.

Marvela said...

Well said.