Sunday, April 20, 2008

Corvallis Open Forum Begins its 3rd Season

On April 19th, the sporadic, windy storms came through, followed by sunshine, then more storms. Most Farmers' Market and Earth Faire attendees ran for cover while the Corvallis Open Forum held its own, rain, shine or hail. Co-organizer Joe Mogus showed what a free speech trooper is all about.

We had a few passers-by drop in, but only momentarily. Most folk were too wrapped up in the festivities of the parade and the Market, even as Joe tried to convince them to come to the Forum.

Our first speaker was a young girl who spoke about the ills and dangers of HIV.

Other past regulars such as Joe Magner and Cosmo came to speak, drawing crowds that tended to ebb and flow continuously.

The Forum meets between the market and the Riverfront each Saturday from 11-1. I know we are still relatively comfortable as a society. No food riots or widespread chaos as of yet, but many of us recognize the danger of escalating complacency. One symptom of this is a lack of civil discourse and the abandonment of our First Amendment right. The Corvallis Open Forum hopes to alleviate this and other ills of an isolated, decreasingly communicative society.

Friday, April 11, 2008

COF to resume April 19

We will be sprouting up again on the Riverfront (next to the Farmer's Market) at 11:00am April 19 and every week thereafter, until weather drives us back inside. JoMo and I discussed the lapse this winter and we will be working on finding a suitable location for next winter, possibly on campus.

This season should be especially exciting what with the election year and all. Hope to see you there.