Sunday, April 22, 2007

about the Corvallis Open Forum

The Corvallis Open Forum (COF) was started by a group of citizens who are concerned with the lack of civil discourse in American culture today. Real solutions to urgent problems go unheeded, sacrificed at the altar of partisanship and dirty politics and/or covert manipulation by the captains of industry. While recognizing the power of the internet to share information and ideas, we also desire an outlet/forum for such exchange to occur face to face with our neighbors and community members. We don't want to become like the pod people in the movie The Matrix.

The issue of whether or not there should be a specific topic was one that was discussed and debated extensively, though never set in stone. Currently, we do not specify a topic, encouraging participants to speak about the issue or topic that they are most engaged in at the time.

Essentially, we are resurrecting the ancient culture of the agora of ancient Greece. Situated near to and concurrent with the Farmers Market, we are creating a marketplace of ideas on a personal level. We need to cut through the b.s. and get to the truth of the matter, according to you.

More to come.